Nike reportedly intends to sell digital sneakers, clothing


NOVATO, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 27: Nike shoes are on display at a shoe store on September 27, 2021 in Novato, California. Nike has had to downgrade its revenue outlook for fiscal 2022 as the footwear company faces supply chain shortages that will impact inventory ahead of the holiday shopping season. (Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

(The hill) – Nike plans to move towards the sale of sneakers and digital clothing, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The Oregon-based sportswear company filed a trademark application last week indicating its intention to sell digital versions of its sneakers, clothing and other products on various video games and other online platforms.

According to the Journal, Gerben’s intellectual property attorney Josh Gerben said filing a trademark application is a way for Nike to protect its trademark in the virtual world and prevent the emergence of counterfeit items in games.

“Virtual worlds are a new frontier,” Gerben told the Journal. “It will probably become a source of income for Nike.”

According to the fills, Nike also wants to protect its “Just Do It” slogan and other logos from misuse.

This is because consumers paid for digital artwork and designs and some digital sneakers sold for thousands of dollars, the Journal reported.

The Journal noted that trademark filings indicate Nike’s intention to sell virtual goods, as the company could still decide not to continue with the application process.

The Hill has reached out to Nike for comment.

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