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For decades Nike is known for its innovative and creative products and with climate change a hot topic among people around the world, the Swoosh brand is doing its part to help curb global warming in any way possible.

Nike One Box

Source: Nike / Nike

Now the good folks at Nike are looking to take the double boxing out of their product and create a sneaker box that will more than likely infuriate sneaker collectors who will love having their jaw-dropping collection intact. According to Nike, they’re looking to take their ‘Move To Zero’ initiative to the next level and are adding to their line of shoes made with at least 25-50% recycled materials by giving these sneakers a sneaker box that doubles as a cardboard box. ‘dispatch. That’s right. In the same way that you have your sneakers delivered, you will have to store them. No need to open and dispose of the box they were shipped in.

As for why Nike is taking this step, well, we think it’s pretty obvious considering how climate change is affecting the world these days.

“Packaging is sometimes an afterthought,” says Rich Hastings, the mastermind behind Nike’s custom shoebox designs for more than 20 years. “But what people may not realize is that it can have a huge impact on the environment.”

Yes, we already know sneakerheads will complain about smashed sneaker boxes and the like, but best believe the team at Nike has prepared for such disasters.

Rich and his team ran a battery of engineering drills, like crash tests that beat the box, to make sure it would survive the trip to your doorstep. These tests helped the team build an even stronger container and proved that the design could work on a much larger scale.

Guys who use Nike shipping boxes to ship sneakers they sell themselves are going to be mad at the thought of having to go pay for shipping boxes in the future. I’m just saying.’

Cross your fingers, these boxes can handle tough cross-country or international travel. Whether or not Nike will institute these boxes for 100% of its releases remains to be seen. We kinda doubt you’ll see any Air Jordan, Travis Scotts, or Off-White collabs shipping in these joints.

Learn more about Nike’s new innovation here and let us know if you’re ok with that or a fan of having separate sneakers and shipping boxes.

Nike One Box

Source: Nike / Nike

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