Philips sneaker cleaner is great for keeping those kicks clean

Sneakers are once again becoming popular as a style statement and with a good pair priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000, you prefer to keep them neat and clean. With the dusty and polluted roads, keeping sneakers spotless is a challenge for many. It becomes even more difficult when the material is leather or suede.

That’s where the Philips GCA1000/60 Sneaker cleaner comes in.

Priced conveniently at Rs 2,595, the Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 is essentially a portable, battery-powered brush that makes the cleaning process easier. It comes with three detachable heads – a soft foam, a hard brush and a soft brush. The user manual lists the specific brushes that can be used for a particular material so you don’t make the mistake of using a stiff brush on soft suede. The soft brush can be used on mesh and canvas while the hard brush is for textured rubber and shoe soles. The foam head is intended to be used for delicate materials like leather, suede and PVC.

The Sneaker Cleaner essentially reduces the effort and time needed to manually clean a sneaker and automates the entire process. You still do some of the work manually, but the bulk of the work (and the scrubbing) is done by the Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60.

The Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 is powered by four AA batteries and the waterproof head spins at 500 rpm. The device is IPX5 waterproof so you can comfortably use it while cleaning, but don’t fully submerge it in water. Weighing just 0.35 kg, the Philips GCA1000/60 cordless sneaker cleaner is easy to slip into any bag and also promises around 80 minutes of runtime. The device also comes with a two-year warranty.

Should I buy it?

If you love your shoes, this is a great device to have. Although it does not cater to all types of shoes, it offers you sneakers and other soft material shoes. If you are a sneakerhead, constantly adding to your collection, the Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 is perfect for you.

Under normal circumstances, without a sneaker cleaner like this, you’d clean your shoes manually or send some to the dry cleaners. The Philips GCA1000/60 sneaker cleaner saves you time and money.

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