‘PJ Tucker has a $250,000 diamond-encrusted Air Jordan 1’: When Giannis Antetokounmpo called the Heat star’s extravagant sneaker a house on feet

PJ Tucker is known as the “Sneaker God” in NBA circles – but he outdid himself when he got some diamond-encrusted sneakers.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a simple man – give him Oreos and milk, and he’s happily ever after. When he saw PJ Tucker pull up in a diamond-encrusted Air Jordan 1, he lost his mind. Families are saving their whole lives to buy a 2-bedroom house in Idaho for retirement, this man casually dropped it on a pair of sneakers.

Commissioned to be customized by the shoe surgeon himself, PJ spared no expense when it came to this custom crocodile leather and diamond swoosh Nike sneaker. The colorway itself is muted – it chose a simple black and silver theme. But then he let out the bling that made paparazzi squint while taking pictures.

The diamonds come from none other than Jason of Beverly Hills, the people who made the Milwaukee Bucks championship rings. To think that his shoe costs more than the ring itself is madness. People have killed for a pair that cost $250, one can only imagine what would happen if he wore those joints on the street!

PJ, I hope your security details are also high class, as they are to protect you from thugs.

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PJ Tucker has incredible stories with sneakers – his addiction might one day choke his cash, but he’ll never go broke

To anyone who is normal, PJ Tucker would be considered a hoarder – no one in any world needs more than 5,000 pairs of shoes. PJ is so shoe-laden that he rents out an entire house, just to store his sneakers. Not a locker, not a storage unit, but a full house. This is madness.

But if you consider the flip side, it’s an investment that will surely keep it afloat. These shoes have their crazy values, but being attached to PJ gives them that extra provenance. Sure, they may be less of a buyer to wear, but whatever belongs to the sneaker god himself, now is priceless.

People and players invest in companies, just like Tucker. But it also has an added level of security, should it ever go bankrupt. He’s not going to play any longer and can’t get an NBA salary to continue funding this obsession. He may be the mad scientist among them all – but hopefully he never has to sell the collection to survive – that would be such a shame.

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