Prada launches into sneakers with the $700 New Balance 574 x Miu Miu

While Prada is now a few years away from its partnership with Adidas, its subsidiary brand is making its first entry into the world of sneaker collaborations in another way.

Miu Miu and New Balance have opened pre-orders for their 574 sneaker, bringing a masterclass in texture to the classic silhouette. First shown at Paris Fashion Week last fall, Miu Miu’s sneaker adds raw stitching to a tasteful color trio. Loose threads are everywhere, but look past the fray and you’ll see the upper is constructed with denim instead of the typical suede.

Off-white, beige and royal blue make up the three color options – and it’s the latter two that are the strongest, especially in a landscape where neutral color blocking is hugely popular. Pre-orders should guarantee you’ll get a pair if you want one, but their price of $695 means you can hardly call the sneakers accessible.

Welcome, Miu Miu — Miu Miu is not substantially different from Prada, and Miuccia Prada herself also runs the subsidiary label. When asked to define the difference between the two brands, Prada Recount fashion company she sees Miu Miu as more “naive” and adds: “The solution, when I work on Miu Miu, must come immediately, instinctively, spontaneously with whatever is available at the moment. If I think three times, I stop.

The sister brand is also not as well-known for its shoes as Prada, and it is more inclined towards ballet flats and heels than sneakers. Engaging in a partnership with New Balance makes the 574s particularly new territory for Miu Miu, and the results remind us more of Comme des Garçons collaborations than Prada’s work with Adidas.

Why Miu Miu decided to get into the sneaker game now remains unclear, besides the fact that almost everyone in luxury is doing it now. While its New Balance 574s are unlikely to become ubiquitous, they should be a great addition to your fit provided you have a Miu Miu budget.

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