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Single shoe Q36.5

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567.6 g

Our opinion

Great comfort, great fit and stiff sole, but very expensive and not great in the wet

Ultimate comfort combined with the stiffness of the running sole

The inconvenients:
Flaws in bad weather make these shoes for dry rides

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Q36.5 has a reputation for doing things differently – and this is clearly evident in their new shoe.

The Uniques look a lot like many other high-end road shoes, with their offset mouthpiece and twin Boa dials.

But the upper was designed after the manufacturer 3D mapped many feet and used the data, resulting in 36.5 being what 36.5 considers one of the best-fitting shoes you can buy.

Instead of a tongue, the Uniques have an ultra-soft elastic membrane that covers the entire forefoot and wraps around the neck of the opening.

The inner heel is textured to add traction, the fit of the upper is snug and well-proportioned, and the expanding membrane means they will adapt to many shapes of the foot without wrinkling or pinching.

The micromesh upper has more elasticity than most of its rivals and, combined with the stretch of the liner, it creates a leather-like moldability when you stretch the Li2 Boas.

It’s the soles that are the real eye-opener, however. 3D shaped beds have a pronounced instep, sculpted heel, and are well formed, with their material really standing out.

The beds are made by Elastic Interface, a leader in bib shorts, and its multi-density footbeds resemble short padding.

They have almost memory foam-like comfort that’s nice in cooler weather, but, as with the best short pads, they wick and disperse heat, making the Uniques one of the most premium road shoes. best regulated and most comfortable I have ever seen. has tried.

Fortunately, this comfort is paired with a sole that makes for a superb pedaling platform.

The carbon outsole is stiff at the cleat, but the cutouts allow for a little springy movement at the rear for a good balance of stiffness and a stunning fit.

The outsole is protected by a toe bumper and a large replaceable heel bumper.

A mesh-lined toe vent provides some heat release, but the Unics have a weakness.

This tongue-less design creates a comfortable and secure fit, but in the rain it acts like a sponge, absorbing water and depositing it in the shoe, where the chunky sockliner does its best to absorb it.

You end up feeling like you’re in wet sand.

At 567.6ga pair, the Uniques are lightweight, although they are prohibitively expensive.

And that chunky sockliner might put you off if you prefer a firm, flat feel to the pedal.

However, I loved the balance between road racing stiffness and slipper-like comfort, and the all-day comfort more than justifies the price.


At 567.6ga pair, the Uniques are lightweight, although they are very expensive.
David Caudery / Immediate media

  • 01 Boa Li2: Boa’s Li2 dials are made from recycled plastic and are both small in diameter and low profile, reducing weight and improving aerodynamics.
  • 02 Insole: Designed for Q36.5 by Elastic Interface, this multi-height, multi-density 3D footbed is comfortable, supports and regulates heat very well.
  • 03 Carbon sole: The wedge plate and the front of the sole provide optimal stiffness, but the rear is designed to allow natural elastic movement for a more comfortable shoe.


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