Rothy’s Unisex Trainers

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There is no shortage of Rothy fans. There are those who are passionate about the company’s commitment to sustainability. There are those who love their famous ballet flats and their matching bags. And there are those, like me, who appreciate how incredibly comfortable their shoes are day in and day out.

No matter what type of Rothy fan you are, you need to take a look at the two new shoe releases from Rothy that have been released this week: The RS02 sneaker and The City slip-on espadrille.

I got a preview of both of these unisex shoes before launch and have some helpful feedback to share before adding these two shoes to your cart. Scroll below for my honest thoughts on Rothy’s two new unisex sneakers.

The RS02 sneaker

The RS02 sneakers is made with the company’s signature soft yarn, produced from plastic bottles, and comes in four shades: pink, bone, wheat and navy. Design-wise, the shoe is no-frills and very utilitarian, aside from Rothy’s signature blue halo on the back of the shoe; and that’s what I like the most about these sneaks: you get a simple and functional shoe that suits a variety of styles for both Men and women. The shoe itself also has a contoured footbed, adjustable laces, chunky outsoles, and a super forgiving, padded ankle collar that won’t chafe your feet. They are also machine washable.

As someone familiar with Rothy’s sneakers, I expected the RS02 to fit like The lace-up sneaker– one of my favorite sneakers – but the fit was definitely different. While I’m usually about 8.5 inches tall The lace-up sneaker (my usual size) I really needed to go down about half a size down to an 8 with the new sneaker.

Women’s Rothy’s RS02 sneakers

Rothy’s Men’s RS02 Trainers

Because this is a unisex shoe, I should have guessed that I would probably need better access to my size, and it should be noted that The RS02 sneaker also fits a bit wider, so that’s something to keep in mind when trying them on for size. I can see where this shoe would suit a man’s feet really well.

In terms of comfort, the shoe ticks all the boxes. I wore my pink pair all day, which included a lot of walking, and found them to be surprisingly comfortable. I was surprised by this because of the width, but indeed you’ll feel like your feet are swaddled by the shoe’s plush contoured sole, and as promised by Rothy’s, there’s no breaking in required . It’s a shoe that’s not only designed to get you through the day, but also to keep your feet supported and comfortable all day long.

In terms of appeal, I think both men and women will appreciate the egalitarian design, long-lasting comfort and durability of The RS02 sneaker. Especially for a guy who wants something a little less flashy RS01 is a great option. The color selection is indeed very neutral, even the pink. If you’re already a fan of Rothy’s, you’ll probably find favor The RS02 sneakerand even if you’re new to the brand, it’s a great sneaker to start experimenting with.

The City slip-on espadrille

At first glance, The Slip-0n City almost looks like a Rothy replica Original slip-on sneakers, but as you can probably guess from the name, the City Slip-on is a reimagined take on the core design and unlike the original model, it’s suitable for both men and women. In fact, these are the company’s first slip-on sneakers available in men’s sizes.

This redesign definitely brought big improvements: from the upper sidewalls of the shoe to the more stretchy fit. The overall design is very gender neutral, with no overt design embellishments beyond Rothy’s blue halo on the back of the shoe. It’s a sneaker that both men and women can appreciate, from the roomier and more comfortable fit to the classic design that goes with everything.

Rothy’s City Women’s Slip-On Trainers

Rothy’s City Men’s Slip-On Trainers

Like the RS02, The City Slip-on also fits wider, but unlike it I didn’t have to size down to find the perfect fit. Comparing The City Slip-on’overall fits the original slip-on, I found The Slip-0n City actually has more stretch, which I really appreciated. This extra stretch makes them more comfortable to wear compared to the original.

The shoe is made with Rothy’s signature recycled plastic yarn and comes in four unisex hues – white, pink, wheat and navy – and it’s a functional, easy-to-match shoe that can take you from the office to the shenanigans of the weekend. It is an improvement over The original slip-on sneaker, which is a shoe I already love, and it’s a sneaker I can definitely see men loving too. And true to the Rothy’s brand, the sneaker is also machine washable. It’s a great addition to my closet, alongside The RS02 sneaker.

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