Sebago Portland Tumbled: the classic boat shoe tested



The Sebago Portland Tumbled is a twist on the American shoe brand’s classic deck shoe, but does it live up to the much-loved original? We test a pair to find out

Sebago Portland leather deck shoes have been loved by generations of sailors, designed to last a long time from leather conditioned with oils and waxes to withstand the rigors of the harsh marine environment.

The Portland line is available in all leather or a combination of suede and leather and promises to be the “perfect water shoe”.

Our tester has spent the last few months wearing the all hand-stitched all-leather Portland Tumbled, which has a soft, semi-gloss finish using the leather-spinning technique with small stones to loosen the fibers, bringing out the natural grain. leather .

The Sebago Portland Tumbled has a padded interior leather lining.Credit: Sebago

Despite soaking in rain and seawater, the brown leather shows little sign of discoloration.

The soft leather of the shoe makes them comfortable to wear right out of the box, even without socks. The only slight downside was the initial squeaking sound every time you took a step, which seems to be a feature of most new deck shoes, although this quickly wore off after a good week of wear and tear.

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The Sebago Portland Tumbled have leather lined insoles. Our tester usually wore them without socks and found the leather lining to be well padded and unlike the textile linings found in deck sneakers, there were no concerns about odor.

After a month of wear and tear, the liner molded well to her feet, although the sockliner only covers two-thirds of the shoe. This means that your toes and the tips of your feet are on unpadded rawhide.

Sebago Portland Tumbled boat shoe in green

The Sebago Portland Tumbled did not need any break-in time. Credit: Sebago

The tester found that it actually improved the fit of the shoe making them more secure, although initially there was a bit of friction on the soles of the feet which is what it takes to s ‘wait with all the new shoes.

The white rawhide laces remained buckled, so there was no fear of the shoe coming off.

Tested on wet pontoons and the wet deck of a Hillyard, the non-marking, non-slip sipe rubber soles gave a solid grip, planting the tester firmly on the deck in all weather conditions.

The narrow tread also meant the shoes could be worn straight from the ground to the deck without worrying about the gravel scratching the teak or gelcoat.

The Sebago Portland Tumbled is sure to be on our best boating shoe list.

Sebago Portland fell

Price: £ 120

Available in sizes 6-12.5

Colors: Forest green with brown laces or Brown with white laces


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