Sneaker Pimps Reveals Two New Singles From Upcoming Album “Squaring The Circle” And “Fighter”



Sneaker Pimps reveals two new singles from upcoming album

English trip-hop band Sneaker Pimps are back with two new songs “Squaring The Circle” and “Fighter”, by Consequence. These new songs are the group’s firsts in nearly two decades.

“Squaring The Circle” is the title song of their upcoming album. Lasting just under three and a half minutes, the song is a melancholy ballad led by the delicate voices of Chris Corner and Simonne Jones and underlined by a soft and dreary piano. As the song progresses, the two voices and the piano work together to create a haunting euphoria. This euphoria propels the lyrics, as the duo sing “The Eternal Glass of Existence” and how with each pain and joy we transform.

“Fighter” adopts a more traditional trip-hop sound with tightly produced percussion and synths. The song creates a somber atmosphere behind Corner and Jones’ lyrics about a woman who feels “paralyzed and helpless”, but who has “always been a fighter” and is determined to come out of that state, “bending the bars of her own cage Jones’ voice in particular connects the listener to the song’s protagonist and adds weight to her story.

Originally founded in 1994 by Corner and Liam Howe, Sneaker Pimps last released music almost two decades ago in 2002 with their album Blood sport.

They are perhaps best known for their 1996 single, “6 Underground” from their breakout debut album. Become X. The single reached No. 15 on the UK Singles Chart, as well as No. 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. It also introduced former singer Kelli Ali, who left the group after the debut.

They then release the album Sparkle in 1999, which did not have the same commercial success as its predecessor.

Squaring the circle should be released this fall. It was written, performed and produced by Corner, Howe and Jones. The album features 16 new songs, giving fans of the band plenty of new material to look forward to after a long content drought.



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