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“None of this means anything if I can’t help others.” (Credit: Justin Griffin)

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Memphis certainly has its issues and the weekend robbery at the Nike distribution center hasn’t helped the perception that Memphis is DJay in North Memphis pulling sneakers out of the Caprice’s trunk saying “Mane” the wrong way . The reality is that there are small brands in the sneaker industry in town that should be showcased for their work in the community and if I don’t take the time to do that I diminish the good aspects of what the kicks brought to the culture in the city.

Kailynn Johnson of the Memphis Flyer posted about a recent event sponsored by two start-ups aimed at supporting the greater Memphis community through sneaker experiences. SNKRR Bar is a “Crep/Jason Markk” style shoe cleaning service that also offers in-store products. Swish is a community-first streetwear company that has carefully forged a connection to Memphis with events and products that reflect the city’s blue-collar mentality, with a little elevation from Bluff City.


Johnson writes,

The creators had always planned to donate the funds raised from the event to schools in some capacity. In fact, one of their sponsors, T-Mobile, helped them halfway. However, a week before the event, they visited Cummings Elementary School, which recently suffered a ceiling collapse.

“In trying to be the most effective and really reach those who needed it most, instead of doing multiple schools, we focused on one school. We all felt they needed that help right away.

By combining their donations, Griffin and others were able to show up at the Cummings Open House, held at the Boys and Girls Club, to distribute donations and supplies to 250 students, as well as teachers. Griffin says he hopes to host the event again and keep it going.

Right now, Memphis has been thrust into the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons. It’s important for people to know that there are amazing small businesses here and good people working to uplift and motivate. Salute SNKRR Bar and Swish for impacting the culture with kicks. Memphis ain’t so bad… mane.

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