St. Ambrose student launches “Sport It Forward” charity

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Families can be stretched by constantly having to buy new sports equipment.

Recently, Aria Fix, a student and soccer player from St. Ambrose, started “Sport It Forward,” a nonprofit that reallocates underused sports equipment to children in need.

“I hope they see that I’m just a college student trying to help as many kids as possible get into sports,” Fix said. “I started [working] with a family for whom I do private lessons. They wanted to play football, and it was going to be their first year, so they don’t have cleats, they don’t have shin pads. Also, they have to pay their fees, and there are two of them, so it’s double. They were like, “We don’t have cleats, we don’t have shin guards.” They showed up for training in tennis shoes and shorts.

The idea started on Tik Tok. Fix organizes live streams and, thanks to them, earns money.

“The goal is just to get the kids [the ability] practice different sports. The best way to do that is if they have to have hardware first,” Fix said. “It is mandatory to have cleats and shin guards for soccer only. For athletics, these are the track shoes. You must have running shoes. I think that would be the best way to help them play is to at least give them what they need.

Fix said community support so far has been good.

“Donations are good. We’re just trying to find those kids that we can give it to now. [The kids] are so excited because they can now play recreational soccer and they can try the sport that I coached them for about two months over the summer,” Fix said.

Fix cleans, washes and disinfects equipment. She said it feels good to give back to the community she grew up in.

“Football has been a big influence on me, and I know how much sport influences a child to learn teamwork, be responsible and bring their equipment,” Fix said. “Football allowed me to go to school, helped me pay for part of my studies. I want to give these other children the opportunity to be able to do that.

Fix says she wants to keep “Sport It Forward” in the Quad Cities. To learn more about “Sport It Forward”, click or tap here.

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