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SINGAPORE – From July 5, the public will be able to donate and recycle their athletic shoes at 100 collection points across the island, including participating ActiveSG sports centers and stadiums, Decathlon stores, schools and establishments. ‘Higher Education.

The new initiative aims to collect and recycle 170,000 pairs of shoes per year and these will be used as infrastructure materials for sports facilities such as jogging tracks, playgrounds and fitness corners.

This follows a similar project last year by Sport Singapore and materials science firm Dow that saw more than 75,000 pairs of shoes collected between September and December.

This would equate to about 3.3 km of jogging track that can be built.

During the virtual memorandum of understanding signed on Tuesday, June 22, Minister of Sustainable Development and Environment Grace Fu said: “We are taking a circular economy approach to waste management in Singapore. We believe that waste is not something to throw away. , but as a valuable resource to be harvested. “

Athletic shoes, school shoes, football boots without metal spikes, and rubberized slippers and sandals without metal parts are all available for donation.

According to a report by market research firm Statista, around 22 million pairs of shoes are sold each year in Singapore.

The National Environment Agency previously said that 137,000 tonnes of textile and leather waste was generated in Singapore in 2020, of which only 4% was recycled.

National agency SportSG said the shoe recycling project would help reduce the load and extend the life of Semakau, the country’s only offshore landfill. It should be fully filled by 2035.

SportSG Managing Director Lim Teck Yin said last year’s draft was encouraging and “shows Singaporeans are ready to join in if they can appreciate the meaning of their participation.”

He added: “Public-private partnerships like ours therefore have an important role to play in identifying easy opportunities for participation and in making viable solutions for sustainable development accessible to the masses in the real world.

“Over time, efforts like these will drive fundamental behavioral changes in the sports ecosystem that will help defend a greener and more sustainable Singapore.”

A team of research and development experts from Dow and Dow’s business partner, BT Sports, perfected the process for six months last year.

The rubberized soles and midsole will be crushed into granules which will then be bonded together by a water-based, solvent-free binder technology.

Jon Penrice, President of Dow Asia Pacific, said: “We are proud to partner with SportSG … Such collaboration with partners across the value chain is essential to move from use and disposal company to a circular economy in Singapore and we are happy to play a role in helping to make this happen, by completely rethinking what can be done with waste that was previously simply sent to landfills .

“We are delighted to see this project having a real impact here in Singapore and to see the potential for it to evolve significantly in the future. “

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