Stephen Curry plays rock-paper-scissors with adorable fan for his shoes

Add a professional rock-paper-scissors player to Stephen Curry’s list of greatest accomplishments. The Golden State Warriors superstar has proven to be as versatile as anyone in the league. After that healthy time with a fan, he showed he could be good at any sport he wanted… even rock-paper-scissors.

After the Warriors beat the Detroit Pistons on the road, a young fan approached Stephen Curry with a sign asking him to fight him with paper scissors for his shoes. Curry, still the father of the team, obliged the kid. Here is how this competition turned out for the child. (via athletics)

Curry ultimately won the competition, ending a long standoff with the fan with a big stone victory over the fan’s scissor gesture. It just goes to show that the Warriors star is the greatest contender of all time, as he showed no mercy towards the fan asking him for his shoes. Curry will forever be the GOAT for this.

Jokes aside, Curry has always had long and adorable interactions with fans. Perhaps because he’s a father of three, the Warriors keeper knows how to play and ride with young fans who want to watch their idol. He’s also known for making fans of their opponents: Just days ago, Nets fans attending the Warriors-Nets game were chanting MVP for Stephen Curry.

And frankly, Curry deserves these chants. He’s been in tears this season, leading the Warriors to a 14-2 record with his insane shooting and play. He’s improved his level of play compared to last season, and he’s doing so with Klay Thompson still on the mend. The Warriors are back, and Curry is one of the main reasons.

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