Students prepare to return to school in style

(WXYZ) – As students head back to school in the next two to three weeks, 7 Action News is hearing directly from them about the latest fashion trends and where they’re shopping.

“We have very nice clothes. We have shirts and jeans,” Samari Johnson said.

Her sister Skylar added: “I love all my clothes. I can’t wait to go back to school so I can learn and make new friends.

“Definitely looser pants with a smaller shirt. So right now I’m really into flair pants, kind of like bell bottoms and then with like a little tennis sneaker,” Paige Reiher said.

“I think the trends of the 90s and 2000s are coming back. I really like the accessories. I obviously wear a scrunchie,” said Hayler Reiher, a graduate in recent years.

Maggie Bean said, “I play college sport lacrosse. So I mostly wear spiritual clothes and just like the college I go to.

She said she bought her merchandise in college, while many others headed to the mall and of course online.

Joy Williams said: “I get most of my stuff from Shein or Pretty Little Things. For shoes like GOAT or StockX or Nike or Foot Locker, it doesn’t matter. But basically, I just wear a hoodie and leggings. It all depends on the weather. »

Like the weather, fashion trends change. However, Williams said she does not allow bullying or any other outside influence to shame her for what she chooses to do in sports.

“Just wear what you want to wear. Like, nobody cares. These are your clothes,” she said.

Skylar Johnson said: “Kids don’t really care these days. I feel like they’re a lot more understanding.”

“Most of the time I end up showing up in sweatpants and a t-shirt, and I don’t care at all because you get to a point where you’re here to learn — whatever,” said she added.

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