The Flintstones and Jetsons reunite in the Nostalgic Reebok Sneaker Drop

Before the age of In the spider verse, batman versus superman, and even the concept of the cinematic universe, crossovers were still important. Look no further than the made-for-TV movie The Jetsons meet the Flintstones. Everyone knew that the adventures of these Hanna-Barbara creations were of one kind, but seeing the two families come together was mind-blowing to anyone tuning in in 1987.

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Reebok also remembers this television milestone, and they have partnered with Warner Bros. to produce a line of sneakers molded after characters straight out of Bedrock and Orbit City. Whether you want to throw it in a pair of orange and white shoes covered in Baby Puss, show off an “evil representation” of Mr. Spacely, or cover your feet in the same shade of green as the Great Gazoo, this campaign has you covered. .

The shoes will be available worldwide on a special branch of Reebok’s website starting April 5 for members of Reebok’s Unlocked loyalty program before becoming available to everyone on April 8. Shoe prices range from $100 to $200 depending on the design. There will also be a line of other apparel with the shoes, including short and long sleeve t-shirts, women’s crew, and women’s activewear.

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This collaboration with Warner Bros. isn’t the first time Reebok has ventured into nostalgic editions of their iconic shoes. A line of Power Rangers-inspired merchandise debuted just days ago on March 25, and there have also been mashups featuring Ghostbusters and Alien among many others.

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