“The Kyrie 9’s aren’t what Kyrie Irving fans deserve!” : NBA sneaker fans sound as Nike nearly misses 6’2″ Nets star’s last sneaker

Kyrie Irving has always had epic signature shoes – Nike may have just created the latest Kyrie with the Kyrie 9.

The curtains may soon fall on a 9-year relationship between Nike and Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn man has worn the American sportswear brand since entering the league, following in the footsteps of his idol, Kobe Bryant. He had some of the best-selling sneakers of all time because of his attention to detail.

The former Cavs and Celtics star has always made it a priority to have great technology at an affordable price. His shoes have always had the best traction and mobility. Most NBA swear by them too, as his signature is the most worn just behind Kobe. In a world where people are obsessed with Jordans, Irving disrupted the scene.

But the last two models failed him, miserably. The latest model has a lukewarm response in terms of first impressions. In view of its waning popularity, its sneakers don’t do cartwheels to ease the slide. What makes these manufacturers release the most boring colorways first, no one has a clue.

Selling a new product in its best possible packaging is Marketing 101. Why pull out a beige hospital shoe and expect it to sell out? Nike, do better.

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The Kyrie 9 model looks good – it’s by no means his best shoe, nor do we have confirmation if he approves of the design

The Brooklyn man was never shy about speaking his mind – the Nike Kyrie 8s were a debacle, however. How a sportswear giant can release an entire signature line without the athlete’s approval is incomprehensible. The man is the first and only source of promotion for the sneakers, and he was the first to say they sucked.

The Kyrie line has always been performance driven and very grippy. The Kyrie 9 seems to have taken a different route though, taking more cues from lifestyle models. It looks more like a runner than a basketball shoe from certain angles.

Opponents will be everywhere, and for this shoe, they have plenty. Nike has no indication to extend Kyrie’s deal, and Puma is waiting to rush. If they do, he would dethrone LaMelo Ball in the blink of an eye.

If the Kyrie 9 is the latest shoe in a historic line, then they should give it a nice send off. An epic colorway or a great performance to commemorate a nine-year relationship.

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