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It’s been a full decade since Russell Wilson was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks as the third-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. A top full-back, Wilson’s celebration has become a 10-year-old viral sensation in football fandom. Ahead of the 2022 draft, the moment once again went viral for its longevity.

The origin story goes like this: During Wilson’s 2012 phone call confirming his Seahawk status, Wilson’s ex-wife, Ashton Meem, and her family celebrated exuberantly – an understandable reaction to the Wilson’s news project. He wore an orange Nike top with dark pants.

Even a decade later, the career high point and viral moment are still fondly remembered.

Wilson and Meem, who met as teenagers, tied the knot just months before the 2012 draft. The couple, however, filed for divorce in 2104. Wilson has since had a high-profile relationship with singer Ciara since early 2015, with the couple getting married in 2016.

Speaking to Fox 13 Seattle, Wilson recalled his NFL draft alongside the intimate group as “an incredible experience.”

“I was at my uncle’s in DC. I will never forget sitting on the couch, it was 2012. I was at my uncle’s house in DC. He had this white phone on an old school landline, nobody uses them anymore. And the phone kept ringing, it’s a lawyer, clients were calling. I was like, ‘hang up the phone, I hope I have teams calling me.’ Sure enough, the Seattle Seahawks rang my phone. I will never forget the day I saw the 206 area code. It was something I was hoping for, praying for, and sure enough, it happened. I will never forget him.

Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson at the 2022 NFL Honors in Los Angeles, California on February 10, 2022.

CREDIT: Karl Walter for Variety

Since joining Seahawks, Wilson has built an entire financial empire, having endorsements with Levi’s, Nike, Bose, Pepsi, Microsoft, and more. Wilson also launched The House of LR&C fashion house with Ciara in 2016. That’s not even the start of Wilson’s lucrative investments in sports, retail ventures, tech startups and more.

After 10 seasons with the Seahawks, Wilson was recently traded to the Denver Broncos for the 2022 season. His 2022 contract with the Broncos alone is valued at $24 million.

More iconic moments from the NFL Draft Day are currently in the works following the launch of the first round of 2022 announcements yesterday in Las Vegas and continue through the weekend. Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson, who joined the Atlanta Falcons, was among the athletes who qualified for the pros. Wilson wore a striking suit with pearls and Prada combat boots.

See football’s rising stars on the red carpet during the 2022 NFL Draft.

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