“The taste of victory and the agony of the feet!” – Watch Daniel Ricciardo shoey the Daily Show with Trevor Noah

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo visited The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ahead of the Miami Grand Prix next weekend.

Formula 1 makes its debut in Miami from May 6-8. It will be one of two American races on the 2022 calendar, with Las Vegas also being added for 2023. This is proof that the sport is growing in the United States.

Before the race in Miami, Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren visited Trevor Noah, “The Daily Show”. There he spoke about his preparations for the inaugural race in Miami, and also how he looks back on a disappointing outing at Imola.

However, the most memorable moment of the segment took place right from the start. It was Ricciardo who took the time to make a shoey with Noah!

Ricciardo is famous for making shoes after the F1 podiums. This means drinking champagne (or any other drink) out of the person’s own shoes. As soon as the Australian entered the scene, Noah made sure he had the goods ready.

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Daniel Ricciardo hopes to make F1 podium soon with McLaren

Trevor Noah started the interview by saying he wanted Ricciardo to feel comfortable. This involved him pulling out a pair of running shoes and a bottle of champagne.

“Normally I don’t do this unless I’ve won,” Ricciardo insisted before drinking all the champagne from the shoe. “You won by being here,” Noah replied to the McLaren driver.

On the show, Ricciardo also shared his thoughts on the growth of Formula 1 in the United States. He also said that visiting Austin for the United States Grand Prix was his favorite outing of the year (other than his home race).

“I swear I have DNA, like Texas DNA in me or something, I don’t know,” Ricciardo added. “I love it!”

Ricciardo has had a rocky start to 2022 so far. He is 11th in the Drivers’ Championship standings with just 11 points to his name. The badger hopes to get up to speed quickly and perform a shoey on an F1 podium!

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