Thieves Target Houston-area Sneaker Stores; Owner says he lost nearly $30,000 in goods

The owners of several sneaker stores in the Houston area have banded together in hopes of stopping what they suspect is a string of burglaries, involving tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen sneakers and other inventory in a few minutes.

“It’s really deflating to pour everything in and in and out in less than three minutes. People can do so much damage to you,” said Club Never, Montrose owner Kasey Dixon.

Surveillance video shows seven men breaking into Dixon’s shoe store on the 90th block of Tuam Street near Fairview on August 21.

“They blew our locks off the bottom of the door,” Dixon said, showing a crowbar he said the group had left behind. The group also punched a hole in a wall near a back door, allowing them to unlock the door to a storage area.

Dixon’s surveillance video shows the group exiting the store, each with their arms laden with shoeboxes and other items.

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“Our rough estimate is around $25,000 worth of stolen goods,” he said.

Target shoe stores are small, independent businesses that cater to a popular market. Sales of rare, limited-edition sneakers can exceed $2,000.

Several store owners told KPRC 2 that scammers know this and specifically look for the most expensive items.

“They know what boxes to look for,” said Joseph Garza, owner of Future Retro, located along the Washington Corridor.

Surveillance video shows a group of men pulling the front door off its hinges on August 29.

Garza said the group settled for a crate containing its most expensive shoes, among other products.

“Almost $30,000. Probably 20-30 good pairs,” Garza said.

At least five sneaker stores have been affected since May, store owners say.

Four of them took place during the month of August.

Store owners say enough is enough.

Houston police are investigating the cases.

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Meanwhile, several store owners have banded together, offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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