This bag is the definition of quiet luxury

Logos are everything to some fashion fans, but for every proud owner of Balenciaga’s Hourglass bag (a Kim Kardashian favourite) or Jacquemus’ Grand Bambino (Dua Lipa’s vacation must-have), there’s someone who prefers the quiet luxury of The Row’s Half Moon style.

Inspired by the sleek silhouettes of the 90s, the ergonomic curved design fits discreetly under the shoulder without even a bulge. Deceptively large – depending on the size of your iPhone – the suede-lined interior contrasts with the Italian leather exterior, which is embossed with the tiniest branding stamp you’re likely to see. Blink and you’ll miss it – that’s the whole point.

10 Famous Faces In The Row Celebrity Fan Club

The mini model is emblematic of the stealthy and rich style that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have cultivated since the creation of The Row in 2006. Starting with the perfect T-shirt, the designers then built a terrifyingly cool minimalist wardrobe that the publishers fell on themselves. for – at a price. The fact that buyers are willing to part with thousands is proof of The Row’s quality and execution. From couture – the backbone of the brand – to shirting – an entry product for new admirers, like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber – the sisters draw sleazy silhouettes that look perfectly put together. It’s hard to balance volume effortlessly with polish, but the Olsens, despite having no formal training, make it look like child’s play.

Hailey Biber.

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Emily Ratajkowski.

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The Row’s loyal fan club, which includes Zoë Kravitz, Jennifer Lawrence and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is made up of customers who have dipped their first foot into the brand’s streamlined universe through the shoe and bag categories. Each member has the zipped leather ankle boots (a New York winter essential), and either the N/S tote or the Half Moon bag. While life-dragging Manhattanites prefer the former, models love the retro look of the micro bag. It’s become a status symbol to show you’re composed enough to leave the house with just an envelope-sized receptacle to store your essentials (see EmRata, who’s a master at it), and The Row specializes in those high bases that speak volumes. .

The fact that consignment sites are selling the Half Moon for more than its new price of £1,080 is a testament to its status as the bag of choice for insiders. “The Row is one of those brands that feels very collectible,” says Erica Wright, who helps shoppers find Half Moons through her fashion sourcing app, Sourcewhere. “Not only are you buying something that’s durable, but you’re also part of a community that has a very well-known quality about it. It’s kind of like an unspoken club, and wearing one of their pieces you gives privileged access to it.

While its louder counterparts will become relics of a specific period, the beauty of the halfpipe is that it could have been on the scene in the 90s, and it would still retain its value as a classic piece. “The Half Moon bag already feels like it’s part of your wardrobe,” Wright confirms. “The absence of logos, patterns and bright colors makes it a risk-free investment. Buyers today place less emphasis on what’s “new,” and more on the timelessness and rarity of pieces.” With the Half Moon likely to rise in value on second-hand platforms, it really is a safe bet – maybe even in the same pool as, say, the Chanel 2.55 Don’t expect Mary-Kate and Ashley to start yelling about it.

The Row Army Green Leather Half Moon Shoulder Bag

The Row Ivory Leather Half Moon Shoulder Bag

The Row – Leather Half Moon Shoulder Bag – Tan

The Row half moon leather shoulder bag in black

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