This cult shoe brand launches vegan shoes


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  • Cult shoe brand Dear Frances is beloved by fashion editors, influencers and celebrities, thanks to their timeless leather designs that include tall boots and chunky sandals.

    Since yesterday – I really think it took years of making – he made his first foray into vegan leather by launching a new eco-friendly collection made from apple fibers, and it’s just lovely. With sneakers, ankle boots and slides, this is the capsule shoe wardrobe you need to accompany you through the years.

    I sat down with Dear Frances founder and founder Jane Frances to discuss the brand’s new launch.

    What was the inspiration behind the collection?

    We had wanted to launch a vegan line for a long time. We had so many requests for vegan options, every day many people were asking if we have a vegan version for our most popular styles and we wanted to be able to say yes. But vegan shoes have always been a challenge.

    Dear Frances is committed to being as sustainable as possible, both in our products and our production practices, so we didn’t want to create a product that ended up replacing leather with plastic that was going to do a lot of damage to the skin. environment. . We were inspired by our research when we discovered a new frontier of eco-friendly vegan materials that are now durable enough to be used in shoes and flexible enough to be super soft and comfortable on the feet.

    What makes this vegan leather so special?

    Our vegan collection has gone on for years – we wanted to produce a product we could be proud of. While many vegan leathers are made from toxic and unsustainable plastics, the material used in our vegan collection is made from cellulose fibers, apples. It is a sustainable vegan alternative, produced from residual fibers (pulp) from the apple juice industry. It is made from waste that would otherwise have been thrown away.

    Sustainability has always been a priority for the brand, what other areas of activity are you focusing on?

    Sustainability has always been something we keep in mind with all of our collections. All of our shoes are built to last – we create styles that are classic wardrobe staples, styles that don’t just come and go, they are timeless styles. We do as much as possible to keep this in mind at all levels of the business, until our shoe boxes are also made from fruit pulp.

    How can consumers buy more sustainably?

    I think it’s very important to create a good capsule wardrobe. When you need it, invest in good quality parts. Invest in items that you know you will wear over and over again and for years to come, no matter what is “on trend”. If you buy classic coins, they will last you forever.

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