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When love enters your life, there is no turning back. 12 years ago, during a conversation, a friend turned to another and told him he had a girl for him. Orville McKenzie, the recipient of this good news, never took setting up the blind man seriously until he was introduced to the beautiful Tisha Lee. Since then, they walk in the name of love.

The butterfly effect was in the room the first time Tisha laid eyes on him. But she wasn’t sure he liked her initially because of their five-year age difference. “His friend and I went to the same high school and lived in the same neighborhood. One night he took his friend to see me, and that’s when it all started. To be real and blunt, I thought he didn’t want me,” adding that she thought it was more of a laid back setup. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Orville couldn’t remember the line of conversation they had that fateful night, all he knew was that it was her. “I don’t remember exactly what I said to him, but I put my sweet voice on. All I know is that the first time I saw her, I said yes, I want to relate to her. She’s gorgeous,” he told wedding on the island. He asked if he could see her again, and she said yes, and he was able to close the evening with a hug, and for him, that sealed the deal.

“Afterwards, I asked her if she was ok with me hugging her, [and] she said yes because I smelled good. I considered it a win in my book,” he added.

As time passed, his adoration for her also increased. Orville continues to be blown away by how amazing, sexy, passionate, loyal and compassionate Tisha is. “She completes me in every way. She always gives me butterflies, and she’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

She described their first date, going out to dinner, as awesome. The couple then ignited an enchanting romance, bringing laughter, good conversation and the possibility of love to the table. Since then, the two have created a waterside nighttime hangout in downtown Kingston, finding peace and relaxation by the waves.

Tisha couldn’t help but marvel at Orville’s kind, outspoken, caring, genuine and loving nature as they got to know each other better. “He’s so handsome, very humble, and he’s also spontaneous. We always laugh with each other so nothing gets too serious,” she added.

After formalizing their relationship, starting a family together, and courting for more than a decade, Orville decided to make a serious decision: he asked the love of his life to be his wife.

The plan was to create a workable diversion that distracted Tisha enough not to suspect the excitement that was about to occur. The couple were planning a surprise gender reveal for their BFF, while the BFF planned the proposal with Orville. Already dressed for a special occasion and surrounded by his loved ones, he asked the big question.

“Her best friend was shocked by her gender reveal. And when the time was right, I gathered some close friends to take a picture. That’s when I got down on my knees to ask her to tell me. to marry. The crowd started going wild. “She saw the ring and was so scared she wanted to run, but the crowd held her back. She held her face, crying and trying to run, only to be held back by the crowd. I was there for a good minute, switching to two, just waiting, when she finally said yes,” he shared.

Dream Wedding planned the important event. And Tisha praised the company for following the bridal vision perfectly and putting her mind at ease. For the dress, the budding bride said yes to a long-sleeved illusion wedding dress sporting a separate statement from Unions Bridal Boutique. What started off as hectic at first quickly turned into a fun and exciting experience. But nothing beats the magic of the wedding day.

Orville and Tisha became husband and wife at Medallion Hall in Kingston. The ceremony may have started late, but sharing timeless moments of love and happiness made up for that setback. With the wedding party, newlyweds included, adhering to the sneaker theme, the groomsmen were decked out in blue and white, combed with the groom. While the bridesmaids were just peachy for the special occasion except for the bridesmaid, who stood out from the ensemble in olive green. But it was the bride who delighted her guests and her groom.

“The moment for me was when the pastor said, ‘Now you can kiss the bride.’ That was my wow moment,” the groom revealed. The bride shared the same sentiment. And to celebrate their new chapter, the newlyweds shared their first dance as husband and wife for I want to love you forever by Jessica Simpson.

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