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Sustainable fashion is all the rage right now. Brands are launching everything from low-carbon vegan shoes to recycled underwear. But the eco sneaker space? It’s booming with innovation, with designers now using the waste to create new shoes. Here we highlight some of our favorite recycled sneakers to date.

1. Undo For Tomorrow: party balloons and recycled rubber tires

Source: Cancel for tomorrow

Lisbon-based Undo For Tomorrow creates its sustainable sneakers from recycled party balloons. Yes, those pesky chunks of tiny fragments of plastic are turned into colorful soles for the brand’s Nuven shoe. In addition, the company also uses waste rubber tires that would otherwise go to landfill.

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2. Good news: recycled banana and grape skins

Source: Good News / H&M

Good News has teamed up with Swedish fast-fashion giant H&M to create a unisex collection of retro-style sneakers. These kicks use Banantex, a durable, waterproof fiber extracted from banana trees. It also includes Vegea vegetable leather, which is made from grape skins from wine production.

3. Pangaia: recovered grapes and industrial waste

Source: Pangea

London-based brand Pangaia also uses recycled grape skins, stems and seeds from the wine industry to make their zero waste sneakers. But on top of that, they reuse industrial waste to make the rubber soles for the shoe. Even the ends of their laces are made using recycled plastic ends (and glued with bio-based glue).

4. Thousand Fell: upcycled corn and recovered plastic

Source: Mille Chutes

Thousand Fell, a New York-based startup, turns corn scraps into new shoes. Yes, corn scraps are used to make the bio-based resin that coats the sneakers, making them durable and water resistant. Thousand Fell also incorporated waste plastic, coconut shells and palm leaf fibers to make his minimalist sneakers.

5. Nike: factory scraps and recycled t-shirts

Source: Nike

Of course, sneaker giant Nike is also jumping on the trend. Last year, the company launched its Space Hippie collection featuring vegan fabrics and recycled materials made from reclaimed plastic bottles and textile factory waste. This means t-shirts and yarn scraps get new life in these ultra-modern shoes.

Main image courtesy of Thousand Fell.


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