What running shoes did Keira D’Amato wear for her US Marathon record?

American runner Keira D’Amato broke the US women’s marathon record at the Houston Marathon yesterday, setting a new record of 2:19:12. This time is 24 seconds faster than the previous record, set by Deena Kastor at the 2006 London Marathon.

There are many questions today about this mind-blowing race, but runners around the world are mainly asking: who is Keira D’Amato and what shoes was she wearing for her record-breaking race? Of course, records aren’t limited to running shoes, but with many looking for the best running shoes on race day, knowing what the best are wearing on race day is often a topic of conversation.

Who is Keira D’Amato?

Keira D’Amato’s road to the podium was not easy. The 37-year-old dropped out of competition after college following a series of injuries. During her break from sports, she got married, had two children and became a real estate agent. Eight years later, she returned to running, telling Runner’s World in a 2021 interview that she still had “unfinished business” to attend to.

Few comebacks are more impressive than this, and despite missing the U.S. Olympic team with a hamstring injury, D’Amato finished fourth in the Chicago Marathon last year, with a time of 2:28:22.

As she crossed the finish line in Houston on Sunday, D’Amato hugged her two boys, Tommy, 7, and Quin, 5. Speaking to ABC Houston, D’Amato said: “It’s so special to think that that dream disappeared like a decade ago. In a way, I just believed.

What running shoes did Keira D’Amato wear?

D’Amato was running in the Nike Alphafly Next% running shoes – one of Nike’s most popular carbon fiber running shoes, and the same brand that Eliud Kipchoge opted for when he ran his marathon. 1:59 in 2019. D’Amato is a Nike Athlete and wore a yellow and orange pair of $275 carbon fiber running shoes.

When it comes to the best nike running shoesThey aren’t designed for everyone, but they are by far one of Nike’s most exciting inventions. No, they don’t have two carbon fiber plates, just one that varies in thickness depending on shoe size, but the introduction of the two forefoot Zoom Air Pods is incredibly exciting. These shoes feel like rockets on your feet and the AtomKnit upper is incredibly lightweight.

For most runners, the real decision comes down to choosing between the Alphafly Next% and the Vaporfly Next% 2. Not sure which is right for you? Our Alphafly Next% vs. Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 face-to-face should help you decide.

According to D’Amato’s Strava upload of her run, she was also logging her marathon using the Garmin Forerunner 945 running watch – one of the best running watches for endurance athletes thanks to its long run time. battery life (not that D’Amato needed it!)

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