Women Sneakerheads Share The Best Sneakers They’re Buying This Spring

Essie Dorecontent creator and founder of Thick laces, a sneaker collective focused on plus-size women in streetwear, said making sneaker culture more accessible also means rightfully centering and giving creative credit to people of color. While it’s nice to see sneakers on the catwalks and red carpets, it’s imperative to remember the origins of this style.

“I think people forget that streetwear and sneaker culture was started by black people and brown people, I think it’s kind of moved away from that,” Golden told HuffPost. “It sucks that we’re able to be the inspiration, but not always part of the overall culture.”

Golden also shared the importance of size accessibility in shoe wear. Because so many sneakers are unisex, it’s easier to find really good looking shoes in a wide range of sizes, compared to, say, heels or flats, which often don’t go over the 11 for women.

“I’ve been plus size all my life. You know, when you finally find something in your size, it’s life changing,” she said.

Alysse Dalessandro, content creator, sneaker collector and member of Thick Laces, said fatphobia can still permeate shoes. When the hottest sneaker style is very narrow, it’s easy to feel like you literally don’t belong.

“But that doesn’t mean you’re good or bad or your feet are good or bad or your body is good or bad,” Dalessandro said. “It just means there are certain styles that work best.”

Dalessandro noted how inspiring and helpful it has been to see other plus-size people wearing streetwear. She suggests DMing or emailing your style icons about their process and encourages people to do the same to her. Chanel and Golden are also open to messages. Via the groups hashtag #thick laces and #kicksandfros, you can check women’s posts all over the rocker sneakers.

And if you want to get some new sneaks for spring, the trio have shared the kicks they’re loving right now.

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